Shades of Pink

Today I am going to tackle this new obsession I have with the color “pink”. For those of you that know me well, you probably just about passed out reading the former sentence. I know, I know, give me a chance to explain.

Some back story, pink was never my friend, or even acquaintance for that matter, while I was growing up. I simply couldn’t tolerate to even look at the color pink, OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I did not care for the color. I didn’t own a single pink item, not a hair bow, not a purse, not a top, not a pair of socks, I could go on, but I think you get the point. This distaste for pink made it’s way into my adulthood, especially after I found out I was having a baby girl. I would say things like, “she is going to wear army green cargo pants, black t shirts and baby hightop converse, no pink onesies for her”. Well, in this decade of life, I guess I am sort of eating my own words and “we” , I mean it’s me I’m talking to, should never say never, Amiright?!

I made a quick mood board to get myself all inspired.

Shades of Pink (1).png

I mean, Living Coral is the Pantone color of the year and millennial pink has been everywhere for several years, I think it was time I re-examined my irrational thoughts towards my sworn enemy in pink. It took some time and many, many, many hours on Pinterest, but I think my bias is gone, or at least I am hopeful, we can’t be perfect all the time?!

After getting over this fear of all things pink, I decided to start dabbling in the color spectrum in my own home. I picked up a blush tone lumbar pillow from Target, brought it home and was like.. “hmm… I think I like it”. And then it started happening all over the place. It was a pink take over! Was it a hostile takeover? No, it was more of a peaceful, white flag waving kind of approach that was gentle and kind to me. Check out the blush tone pillows I sprinkled in to our Airbnb.


Now for me, the pink tones I am drawn to are more of a blush to brown type of color scheme. It feels way more earthy and grounded than a bright or pastel pink. I was able to bring some of these tones in to create a 70’s vibe in the living room. The pillows complimented my brown cord sofa, mustard yellows and the funky vintage ottoman. It was a match made in boho heaven.

After this sense of clarity struck me that I no longer have a hate relationship with pink, I found myself shopping and swooning over all things on the pink spectrum. Check out some goodies for the home that I am currently swooning for.

Top Blush Product Picks.png

Left to Right: Dusty Pink Linen Bedding | Lazro Printed Rug | Burnt Coral Ceramic Vase | Pink and Walnut Mid Century Sofa

OK, this next dose of product is ALL from H&M. They are blowing my mind with all of their home goods this spring season! I will take one of everything please! And they have a way of making it look effortless, calm and expensive, well played H&M.

Top Blush Product Picks (2).png

Left to Right: Bath and Hand Towels | Blush Serving Tray | Dusty Rose Terry Bathrobe | Kids Duvet Set

This next group of cute pink (yes, I used those two words together in a sentence) items focuses on the office. Any dose of pink is sure to spark some creativity and productivity, in my new reality.

Top Blush Product Picks (4).png

Left to Right: Lenox Blush and Brass Office Chair | Hard Linen 18 Month Planner | Beam Pink Table Lamp | Blush Pink Water Color Art

OK, last, but definitely not least, you can add a pop of pink to your home with a statement appliance. Say what?! Yup, dropping knowledge on you here. Check some of my favorites out.

Top Blush Product Picks (6).png

Left to Right: Kitchen Aid Mixer | Blush Electric Air Fryer | Petal Pink Toaster | Mini Refrigerator

I think I am finally over my fear of pink and embracing it. I mean look at some of these amazing pink infused items for the home?! I even find myself looking for blush tone clothes! Are you guys blushing for pink (see what I did there;)? Tis the season of pink hues my sweet friends!

Popcorn Ceilings Must Go!

We moved from Urban Portland across the Columbia to the state of Washington. We have been living in our new house since the end of August 2016 and it feels like the best decision we made in a long time. Our house was built in 1970 and is a mid century style bi-level ranch home. The moment we walked in, we knew this was where we wanted to be "adulting" for a long time. It's surrounded by trees and the forest, we have a garden and yes, we now live at the end of a cul de sac. It's been an adjustment to go from urban to suburban, but I am embracing it one day at a time. 

We are slowly making changes and everyday it starts feeling more and more like "us". For awhile, it was feeling like we were living in someone else's home, but now, I can finally see the light. 

First things first, we needed to remove the popcorn ceilings. I told my husband, we can not buy this house if we don't remove that stuff. So, with that kind of ultimatum, its now gone and we are "all" happy. This is not an easy process. Some people choose to do themselves, but we hired professionals as we were concerned there may be asbestos. Turns out it was free from that, but it is better to be safe than sorry. And the results are priceless.

Here is the before:

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 11.31.20 AM.png

And here is the after:

Pretty big difference right? It instantly makes the home feel lighter and I felt like I could just breathe better in the space. And this stuff, was everywhere. Not just in our living room, but hallways, bedrooms, basement... you get the idea. It was a big project, but worth every penny.

We painted the ceiling and walls in Simply White by Benjamin Moore

There you have it, popcorn ceilings no more! Have you had to remove any popcorn like material? I hope to never have to do that again!

The New Motto: "Just Paint it Black"

Up next on the home transformation, we decided to make a bold move and paint our fireplace black. Yup, you heard me. We painted over that red brick with a smile on our face. It looks so amazing and we have never once said, "man we should have kept the red brick". We chose to use Deep Onyx in a flat/matte finish made with Behr Ultra

The before image of the fireplace:

Dans le Lakehouse was my go to inspiration that pushed me over the edge to do it Check out these insane images from her blog; it's hard not get inspired :)

With all of this inspiration, we felt confident in our decision. i mean black is the new black right?! And her is what it looks like now:

We are in love with our fireplace and interestingly enough, it softens up the room. We instantly modernized our space with a little paint. The paint color is Deep Onyx by Behr in a Flat Finish.