The New Motto: "Just Paint it Black"

Up next on the home transformation, we decided to make a bold move and paint our fireplace black. Yup, you heard me. We painted over that red brick with a smile on our face. It looks so amazing and we have never once said, "man we should have kept the red brick". We chose to use Deep Onyx in a flat/matte finish made with Behr Ultra

The before image of the fireplace:

Dans le Lakehouse was my go to inspiration that pushed me over the edge to do it Check out these insane images from her blog; it's hard not get inspired :)

With all of this inspiration, we felt confident in our decision. i mean black is the new black right?! And her is what it looks like now:

We are in love with our fireplace and interestingly enough, it softens up the room. We instantly modernized our space with a little paint. The paint color is Deep Onyx by Behr in a Flat Finish.